Ultraman Zero 15th Anniversary Project Starts!

Feb.16, 2024



The anniversary project for Ultraman Zero, which celebrates his 15th anniversary, officially begins. Several global events are planned, based on the anniversary’s theme, “To the future!”.


The Anniversary Concept

This hero made his impactful debut in 2009’s Movie Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie.


Following an uncertain fate, he learned both how to use his strength and also his weaknesses, and gained his power and kindness.

Possessing the ability of traveling between dimensions, he lives so as to bestow the Light of Ultra he inherited from the legendary heroes to the new generation.


His name is Ultraman Zero…!

The hero who links bonds!


Ultraman Zero celebrates his 15 year anniversary since his fateful arrival.

The theme for his anniversary is “To the future!”


A metaphorical number 0, Zero opened the way for the New Generation Heroes.

The power of bonds he created is carried on to the next generation,

and those bonds surpass borders, spread throughout the world, and bring forth a new future.


The bond between heroes continues on with you as well…


Ultraman Zero’s 15th Anniversary begins!

Please look forward to further updates.

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