May.18, 2022




The action-packed speed-run mini-game UCL: MISSION NARAK TOWER is set to debut exclusively on Ultraman Connection on Friday, May 20, 2022 at 8pm EST/5pm PST. The game will be available only to registered members of Ultraman Connection, and as always registration is free of charge.

Built on the Unity engine, the Narak Tower mini-game will be hosted online so it is playable in your web browser with a keyboard and mouse. This exciting, fan-focused offering from Ultraman Connection will only be available for a limited time, so save the universe while you can!

Fans first got a glimpse of the game back in December during the Ultraman Connection Live Holiday Special. New Rockstars YouTube channel host Anna Vanston guided us through an exciting demo, which played into a developing storyline called UCL.

Sharp-eyed Ultra fans quickly realized that the game’s setting, Narak Tower, a titanic space platform that suddenly appeared near Mars, was built from Absolutian technology. Indeed, the station’s purpose was to emit transmissions designed to jam interstellar communication—the kind of telemetry that the Ultras were using to locate the Absolutian home world!

Yes, although set in a separate universe this game has some unique connections to the epic interdimensional war between the Absolutians and the Ultras of Nebula M78 as depicted in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. As Absolute Tartarus moves his forces across an array of realities, he has used powerful technology to ambush our heroes.

One such structure, Narak Tower, was discovered last year by a secret Earth defense force known as the Unidentified Capture League. The UCL sent an agent on one of its prototype spacecrafts to investigate the Tower and the strange phenomenon surrounding it.

In the Holiday Special, the agent was successful, damaging the array and allowing for the Ultras to trace the signals back to The Kingdom’s Central Planet. The UCL accomplished a tiny deed that may be reflected in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad!


Since then, the UCL has taken control of Narak Tower and is using it as a base of operations for its growing Interplanetary Watch. In Mission Narak Tower, a new life and death crisis arises for the UCL, this time triggered by a powerful and well-known enemy known to fans of Ultraman Connection’s UCL shorts.


For this mission, you will be thrust into the action on a 4-minute timer where you will have to achieve your objective and escape the citadel before time expires. That very familiar Ultra menace intends to infest the alien tech to tip the Absolute War in favor of The Kingdom! You have no choice: the Tower array must be destroyed!


But in this universe, no Ultra Hero has yet arrived on Earth. If the UCL smashes the array, they will lose contact with the Ultras forever! Will you take on this critical mission?


Want to see more of UCL: MISSION NARAK TOWER before the Friday release? Of course, you do! Check out this Ultraman Connection Talk: Game Challenge special featuring Sean Nichols, Raiga Terasaka, and Kohshu Hirano as they play the game for the first time and attempt to take down Narak Tower. They better be careful though, we heard an Absolutian threat is watching their every move!


‍Be sure to become a member of Ultraman Connection by signing up in the Operations Room. Only then can you prepare for The Destined Crossroad and Mission Narak Tower by catching up with the director’s cuts of Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes and Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy!

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