SHIN ULTRAMAN is Coming to the US at Fantastic Fest on Sep 23 !

Sep.21, 2022


Fantastic Fest is hosting a special screening of Shin Ultraman along with the 4K remastered version of the original Ultraman TV series released in 1966.


As a special guest, director Shinji Higuchi was invited to speak about the highlights and have a Q&A session with the audience.


Details and dates are below:

Fantastic Fest will be hosted between September 22 to September 29

Location/Place at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Austin Texas, USA


Screening dates:


Shin Ultraman

First screening: September 23, 14:00~

Second screening: September 26, 14:00~

Theater 5 and 6


4K remastered original ULTRAMAN TV series:

First screening: September 23, 11:00~

Second screening: September 26, 11:00~

Theater 1 and 3


Ep18: Brother from Another Planet
Ep26: The Monster Highness (Part 1)
Ep28: Human Specimens 5 & 6
Ep34: A Gift from the Sky


Look forward to Shin Ultraman flying its way to theatres at Fantastic Fest!

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