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UNIQLO HEATTECH Cotton T-Shirt will feature Ultraman Designs This Winter! Grab Yours with the Latest Ultraman Decker

Dec.01, 2022

UNIQLO has announced their Ultraman collaboration HEATTECH T-shirts for Kids available from December 16th, 2022. The Ultraman Series has introduced countless titles to the world for over 56 years. With the theme of “buddies”, the designs for the line-up portray the strong bonds between the popular Ultra Heroes, including the latest series, Ultraman Decker (2022). In addition, Ultraman, the eternal hero for boys, will bring joy to children by selling complete sets exclusively at the online store and giving away limited novelty cards.


The HEATTECH Cotton is estimated to be 1.5 times warmer than standard HEATTECH. The inner layer touching the skin is 100% cotton making it gentle to children’s skin, and the T-shirts can be worn both as an inner layer or as a plain T-shirt. The Ultra Stretch fabric stretches in all directions for optimal comfort and ease-of-movement. Available as promotional goods are original UNIQLO design Ultra Dimension Cards that can be used with Ultraman Decker toys, as well as original cards for the arcade game “Data Carddass Ultraman Fusion Fight!”. A complete set that includes all three HEATTECH cotton crew neck T-shirts and all nine promotional cards will be available for purchase only on the online store. 


■Collaboration Details

Available from: Friday December 16th 2022 

Currently available in China

Participating Locations: UNIQLO Stores Kids Fashion Sections and UNIQLO Online Stores

Product Lineup Homepage (JP)https://www.uniqlo.com/jp/ja/spl/ut-graphic-tees/ultraman-22fw/kids

 ULTRAMAN HEATTECH Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirts (Extra Warm, Long Sleeve) \1,500 3 Designs 100-160cm *(sizes 140-160 cm available only from the online store)




This design features four Ultra Heroes. From left to right: Ultraman Geed, Ultraman Taiga, Ultraman Rosso,Ultraman  Blu. These Ultraman worked together to save the world.




A design with Ultraman Trigger on the left, and Ultraman Decker on the right. Ultraman Trigger and Ultraman Decker are shown fighting together, a symbol of the strong bond that connects them.




From Friday December 16th, one original UNIQLO design Ultra Dimension Card and one original Data Carddass Ultraman Fusion Fight! card will be gifted with each purchase of one of the ULTRAMAN HEATTECH cotton crew neck T-shirts. Cards will be gifted as one set of two cards.


Ultraman DeckerUltraman Zero Beyond 2 Card Set



Ultraman Decker Glitter Trigger Eternity 2 Card Set



Ultraman Decker Ultraman Geed Royal Mega Master 2 Card Set


A total of 3 different 2-card sets. All cards are original Uniqlo designs that play transformation and special attacks sounds when set in Ultraman toys for your enjoyment. *Designs are Japanese local versions.


(Regarding in-store purchases)

※1 set (of 2 cards) will be gifted for each purchase of a collaboration T-shirt.

※Promotional cards will be given away first-come, first-served. Giveaway will continue until stocks run out.


(Regarding online purchases)

For each purchase, 1 set of 2 cards will be chosen for distribution via a daily lottery.

※Promotional card set distribution will be limited to 1 set per order.

※Specific card sets cannot be requested.

※Please be aware that when selecting the “pay in-store” or “collect in-store” options, promotional card distribution will be treated the same as an online purchase.  

※Distribution will continue until stocks run out.

Promotional Card Details and Terms and Conditions can be accessed from this FAQ page (JP)



From Friday December 16th, Complete Sets will be available only on the UNIQLO online store. The set includes all three designs of the ULTRAMAN HEATTECH cotton crew neck T-Shirts and all 9 original cards. The exclusive Complete Set includes one of each of the six cards distributed with individual purchases, as well as three cards exclusive to a Complete Set purchase.


 Complete Set \4,500 Set Includes:

 ・All 3 ULTRAMAN HEATTECH Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirts, (Size range 100~160cm)

    ・3 Ultra Dimension Cards                                                     

    ・6 Data Carddass Ultraman Fusion Fight! Cards
      ※All 3 of ULTRAMAN HEATTECH cotton crew neck T-shirts purchased in the set will be the same size. 

All color variations are not available in every size. 

※Sales of Complete Sets will continue until stocks run out.

※ Please visit the link for full details about the ULTRAMAN HEATTECH cotton crew neck T-shirt complete set (Extra Warm, Long Sleeve) https://faq.uniqlo.com/articles/FAQ/100008372


All 9 Cards

The 6 cards available with standard purchases *Designs are Japan local version.







The 3 cards exclusive to the Complete Set.


Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw



Ultraman Taiga Tri-Strium



Ultraman Gruebe


*DATA CARDDASS, Inc. is a registered trademark of Bandai Co.


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