The 10 Days of Ultraman Announced by Ultraman Connection!

Jun.28, 2022



July 10 is Ultraman Day!

This year, we will be celebrating the special day through a series of campaigns held through Ultraman Connection.

Here’s the announcement from Ultraman Connection in case you missed it:



It’s a big year for Ultraman, as the Giant of Light takes bold new steps onto the world stage. As Ultraman Day, our favorite holiday here at Ultraman Connection, approaches, we’ve been thinking of the best way to celebrate. With that in mind, we’ve put together something very special that we think you’ll enjoy with us: The 10 Days of Ultraman!


Let’s get into what each of the 10 days hold in store for fans:


Day 1 – Day 4: Ultraman Rising at Anime Expo

The 10 Days of Ultraman kicks off with a massive bang at the world-renowned Anime Expo 2022! Tsuburaya Productions and Ultraman Connection are producing a transmedia story at the event called Ultraman Rising, which will feature the historic arrival of Ultraman and Kaiju live performers for the first time in the continental United States.


Convention-goers will be encouraged to join The Hunt For Dada, posting photos of the Three-Faced Phantom for prizes and amazing experiences. Check out various panels starring creative juggernauts from across the Ultraman universe, including anime ULTRAMAN directors Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama,  Shannon Tindle & John Aoshima (co-directors of an all-new Netflix Ultraman feature with animation by Industrial Light & Magic) Marvel Comics Ultraman creators Mat Groom and E.J. Su, and much, much more! Click here to see a complete rundown of all four days at Anime Expo 2022!


Day 5: The Great Sale!

On the fifth day, your wallets can join the festivities, with a tremendous 30% off all merchandise in the Ultraman Connection Store! If you’ve had your eye on a shirt, hat, or even a hoodie, there’s never been a better time to snag that swag!


Day 6: Trivia Night @ The UC Discord!

On day six, head to the Ultraman Connection Discord and talk to Jeff Gomez, Producer for Ultraman Connection, and EJ Couloucoundis, Editor-in-Chief of Ultraman—aka, two of the biggest Ultra-fans on the planet!  The two will party with fans all night, discussing the most esoteric Ultraman trivia and theories across the canon!


Day 7: Episode Z Unleashed!

Day seven will be extra special for loyal fans, as Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z will be available 100% free for exactly 24 hours! If you haven’t gotten a chance to finish the story of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga and see how the timeline begins moving forward towards Ultraman Decker, now’s your chance!


Day 8: Decker is Here!

Ultraman Decker, the latest entry in the Ultraman Series, finally premieres, and Ultraman Connection will be having a live watchalong at 9 PM EST on the UC Discord, with Jeff Gomez, EJ Couloucoundis, and special guest The Noob, Evangelia Artemis in attendance, hyping up the future of the Ultraman Series with fans!


Day 9: The Ultraman Art Show @ Instagram

On the Ultraman Connection Discord, fans create and present tons of amazing pieces of fan art. We’ve started spotlighting some of these talented creators, like Klenda V. On Day 9, we’ll be setting up a special gallery account on Instagram where fans can submit their creations. All works will be properly attributed, and some will even receive special commentary by Sean Nichols! Watch for instructions coming soon!



The big day finally arrives, and after everything to come before, Ultraman Day is going to have to be pretty amazing to top it all. Don’t worry, it will be! Tokushoutsu & Ultraman Connection Present: Ultraman Rising! – The Ultraman Day Special, hosted By Sean Nichols & Mike Dent. The one-hour special will feature highlights from Anime Expo 2022 and an array of surprises. It streams on Sunday, July 10 at 8pm EST.


This event will be followed by a special ticketed Ultraman Connection Live event directly after at 9pm EST, featuring the new series, Ultraman Decker! Seismic toys will be showing off more of the amazing Ultraman Vinyl Odyssey line and special guests abound. But that would be telling!


The 10 Days of Ultraman will start on July 1st, just a few days away!  Fans all over the world have already started celebrating on the UC Discord: Why not join them here?  And, for everything about the Ultraman Series (including some special surprises coming up!) stay close to Ultraman Connection!


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