Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 Summer Festival Live Stage Information Released!

Aug.01, 2023



Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 Summer Festival is currently being held in Tokyo, at Ikebukuro Sunshine City from Saturday July 22 to Monday August 28! Visitors will be given a member ID for the Special Kaiju Detachment, SKaRD, led by Gento Hiruma, the main protagonist of the latest Ultraman TV series, Ultraman Blazar.


Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 Summer Festival will be split into the first half from July 22 to August 7, and the second half from August 9 to August 28. Each half will feature different stage shows, so do not miss them out!


To find out more about Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 Summer Festival, visit the websites that are available in three languages!



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First Half (July 22 ~ August 7)



◆ Stars Chapter: “New Generation Warriors”


Someone has caught the New Generation Ultras in a trap.

Ultraman Z, the only Ultra to have eluded danger, fights a lone battle to rescue the others, facing a lifeform seeking to corrupt everything with darkness.

Can Z overcome his greatest peril?!


Appearing Characters:

Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, Ultraman X, Ultraman Z, and more


◆ Ultraman Blazar Chapter: “A New Light”


Ryuma is a member of SKaRD stationed at its Ikebukuro Branch.

When a kaiju appears, he engages it in battle in accordance with the mission given to him by Command.

The event venue is in dire straits but is saved by SKaRD’s Special Tactical Armored Kaiju Earth Garon.

However, Earth Garon falters against the kaiju’s fierce assault.

That’s when Ultraman Blazar appears from a brilliant light. 


Appearing Characters:

Ultraman Blazar, Earth Garon, and more


Second Half (August 9 ~ August 28)


◆ Ultraman Blazar Chapter: “The Revolving Star of Wishes: SIDE Blazar”


Ultraman Blazar and the members of SKaRD are suddenly trapped in a mysterious field in which they repeat the same day over and over again.

Just what is this field? And how can the loop be stopped?

Can Blazar and the others safely escape from this ever-winding labyrinth?!


Appearing Characters:

Ultraman Blazar, Earth Garon, and more


◆ Stars Chapter: “The Revolving Star of Wishes: SIDE Stars”


A friend who once fought alongside Z is walking the path of evil…

Don’t let this friend become ruler of the universe!

Everyone, chant to give Z strength! 


Appearing Characters:

Ultraman Decker, Ultraman Trigger, Ultraman, Ultraman Z, Ultraman Zero, and more


There will be special display areas, photo booths, an exclusive store and more! Don’t miss this annual event!


*Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 Summer Festival is only available in Japanese.



Simplified Chinese: 

Traditional Chinese:


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