NHK All Ultraman Poll Results Announced from a Total of 355,563 Votes! See if Your Favorite Character Ranked In

Sep.11, 2022



On September 10th JST, the results of the “All Ultraman Poll” held by NHK were revealed live on the NHK BS Premium Channel’s “Grand Reveal! The All Ultraman Poll” program.


The “All Ultraman Poll” was held between July 15th (Friday) and August 21st (Monday), 2022. It received 355,563 votes across the three categories of Ultra Heroes, Kaiju, and Mechas.

“Grand Reveal! The All Ultraman Poll” aired on NHK BS Premium and announced the top rankings for each category. Focusing on the live studio guests, the show shared the fans’ passions for the characters and episodes of the show, including fan comments and the reasons behind their votes.


The show also featured live appearances from Ultra Heroes and Kaiju. Though some staring contests and fights broke out, the announcement finished as planned. 


Poll results and further details can be viewed from NHK’s “All Ultraman Poll” special website (Japanese only).

We hope you continue to enjoy the Ultraman series! 



Top 5 Ultra Heroes

1. Ultraman Tiga

2. Ultraseven

3. Ultraman Z

4. Ultraman Zero

5. Ultraman

*Learn more about the Ultra Heroes here!


Top 5 Kaiju

1. Zetton (first appearance: Ultraman)

2. Jugglus Juggler (first appearance: Ultraman Orb)

3. Alien Baltan (first appearance: Ultraman)

4. Gomora (first appearance: Ultraman)

5. King Joe (first appearance: Ultraseven)

*Learn more about Ultra Kaiju here!


Top 5 Ultra Mechas

1. Sevenger (from Ultraman Z)

2. Ultra Hawk 1 (from Ultraseven)

3. Pointer (from Ultraseven)

4. GUTS Wing 1 (from Ultraman Tiga)

5. King Joe STORAGE Custom (from Ultraman Z)



NHK All Ultraman Poll Website (Japanese):

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